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Some Testimonials From Blessed Mothers

My daughter is 19 months old now. I attended this class from 6th month to 9 months of my pregnancy. M very much satisfied with d class. My baby loves classical music. She pays attention to normal instructions since very small age. N I feel shez a happy baby who loves to explore whatever comes in her routine life.....!!

Priyanka Kannadkar

My son is 17 months old.I attended this class from 4 th to 8 month. My baby is very much active n his milestones r so much earlier than the other child have. He is smiling all d time n learns everything very fast. M also very happy with d class.

Dr. Deepali Dhamale

Madhura, my 14 months old baby girl.‪ It is not good to compare but I really see difference between my both children. Thanksssss

Swati Bharadwaj

I don't know what I will do without Dr Yogesh. He always patiently listens to my problems and never over-medicates. I always believe in Ayurvedic medicine and Dr Yogesh has always suggested good holistic treatment which resolves the root cause of health ailments. highly recommended.

Sayali Dwivedi

Dr Yogesh Joshi is highly respected as a modern Ayurvedic Dr. Panchkarma / Garbhsanakar / overall Ayurvedic treatment are of high quality. Thanks for your counselling / Garbhsanakar sessions - we are now proud parents of Baby Boy. I would highly recommend Dr Yogesh Joshi to all aspiring parents Keep up the great work

Bharat Jadhav

Doctor Joshi sir is very helpful and suggest only required treatment, no extra treatment that I liked most. Anytime ready to help with proper suggestions. Thanks sir for everything. Surely recommended


Yes I agree with all moms my baby just turn 14 th month & she is very active than other her age group child I have joined this class from 3rd to 5th month so I m also very happy


My daughter is 17 month old and she loves music..Reading newspaper. Her immunity is very good & she is also too receptive.

Neelam Kedari

My daughter is now 4 months old. I attended this class from 2nd to 8 month. she is very active. No one is believes she is only 4 month old because she looks like 6months baby. she turned at 2nd month every buddy is saying your baby is very smart. She loves to explore new things. I am very Happy with the class. Sir thanks for guidance for my diet.

Arti Badame

My daughter is 6 months age. She is very active. I join class in 4 th month till 9 months. Now she can understand many things. We r very Happy , she plays with us so v all enjoys. Thanks a lot sir for taught me much things.


Wish to share with all tht garbhasanskar session r so effective tht today when my baby boy cries and I rhyme OM ....he stops crying and remains quiet....


Even my child when he listens to chaupadi he stays quiet as if he knows the wordings n rhythm etc :)


I joined this class from 3rd month till 8 months My son is now 2 years old . He understands everything which we say him . He obey all instructions which we say to do him from the age when he turned 1/1/2 only. He loves music a lot. Now also he listens choupadi and nirvan shatakam daily Thanks to joshi sir for his guidelines and madam for yoga sessions. Personally it helped me a lot and now I am fit n fine as I was before. No excess weight gain

Yogini Deshpande

My Son is now 20 months old. Had attended from 4 months till end of pregnancy. It's very difficult for me to keep pace to his activeness, naughtiness and all charged up energy. He just can't sit in a place...always ready to explore things.. He loves music.. His favourites are all songs of katiyar kaljat ghusli. He loves classical a lot.. It's been a great journey with him ..thanks to sir, music mam and yoga mam.

Mini Nair

My daughter is now 1 n half year old... Garbhasanskar classes had great effect on her. She speaks many poems at this early stage.. She just loves " aatmashatakam". I can see the effect on her.. Apart from that the yoga session conducted my smita mam was very helpful for me... The breathing techniques she taught was very helpful for me in labor... I was admitted at 6.30 in the morning.. And by 11 my baby was in my hand.. I had a normal delivery with healthy baby.. Thank you so much sir for making this phase so easy...

Poonam Mali

yes ....all moms are correct my baby is just 17 month old. He is too active fallow n understand each n every instructions. He's love music and also so active in his day care activities....thanku sir for ur valuable guidance.....

Deepti Nema

Blessed with a baby girl this afternoon from a normal delivery. baby is perfectly healthy. Thankyou for all your support and guidance. It was a quick delivery because of Yoga and all therapies. Heartiest thanks to the team. Wouldn't have been possible without your team Yogesh Joshi sir.


My daughter is 14 month old. She is very active every time. She loves rhymes. She is start walking. She is understand every instruction and do it. She is like different dishes, don't like baby food. she is talking little big words and she is trying talking every time. Thank u sir and mam for your guidance.


My son is 10 months old. I enjoyed my garbhasanskar session a lot. After a tight working day, I used to wait for these sessions. Due to yogas, I used to be fit till delivery date, was doing all household work at ease. I am singing the songs for my baby " omkaraswarup parmbrahmarup", komal Bacha...and really get happy when my baby listens with smile. It was common forum where I got new friends and discuss our feelings. Dr. Yogesh's suggestion boosted our morale. Thanks a lot for making my pregnancy journey special.


The most important aspect of Garbhasanskar for me was communication with baby. Daily morning when I used to go for a walk I used to talk to my baby, I used to tell my baby to be healthy and strong. Most frequently I would tell my baby to signal me when he/she was ready to come into this world and that we both would cooperate each other during the process. I had a preterm delivery at 32 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia. But I had a normal one against all odds, even when doctors said there was no chance. My baby did signal me. And even with lots of medical complications initially he did stay strong as I always told him. That is the magic of Garbhasanskar, the pre-established bond between mother and child and the strength to overcome in the most challenging times. I cannot thank Sir enough to introduce me to this beautiful experience of Garbhasanskar. Attending classes was the happiest thing I did during my pregnancy. And thanks to Smita Madam for making us understand the rationale behind any yoga asana we did. That motivates you to practice it daily.

 Jui Sane

Unlock Your Baby's Genius From the Womb!

"प्रतिभागर्भ: सप्तगुणायतनम्"

Nurturing brilliance within the womb and harnessing the seven virtues!

  1. बुद्धिशक्ति (Buddhiśakti): Intellectual Power 
  2. क्रियाशीलता (Kriyāśīlatā): Activity and Proactiveness 
  3. संवेग (Saṁvega): Inspired Passion 
  4. आत्मविश्वास (Ātmaviśvāsa): Self-Confidence 
  5. संयम (Saṁyama): Discipline and Control 
  6. प्रज्ञा (Prajñā): Wisdom and Awareness 
  7. आत्मविकास (Ātmavikāsa): Self-Development and Growth
Develop a Bright Mind

Discover simple yet powerful techniques to stimulate your baby's cognitive growth during pregnancy. Lay the foundation for a lifetime of success!

Empowerment for Parents

Get expert guidance and valuable insights that will make you a confident and informed parent, ready to support your child's extraordinary potential.

Unlock the Hidden Potential

Every child is born with immense talent. Join "GeniusWomb" to unveil their gifts and witness the magic of early development.

A Gift of a Lifetime

Invest in your child's future now and witness them flourish like never before. Prepare them for a journey of brilliance right from the start!

What Will You Learn In GeniusWomb Program?

After Joining The Program, You will be able to

  • 🤝 Embrace Early Bonding: Connect with Your Baby Before Birth: Imagine forging an unbreakable bond with your baby before they even arrive. Our course teaches you heartwarming methods to create a profound connection that will last a lifetime. Start nurturing your baby's emotional well-being and happiness from the very beginning!
  • 🌈 Holistic Wellness for a Brilliant Brain: Your well-being directly impacts your baby's brain. Discover how your physical health, mental well-being, and emotions play a pivotal role in nurturing your baby's intelligence and emotional intelligence. Optimize your own wellness for your baby's brighter tomorrow! 
  • 🧠 Amplify Your Baby's Brain Growth During Pregnancy: Discover the science-backed secrets to supercharge your baby's brain development while they're still in the womb. Our course empowers you with the knowledge and techniques to give your little one a head start for a lifetime of brilliance!
  • 🎈 IQ-Boosting Activities: Connect and Enrich Your Baby's World: Elevate the IQ of your little bundle of joy with engaging activities tailor-made for pregnancy. Discover delightful exercises to stimulate their senses, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Lay the groundwork for a confident and curious mind!
  • 🍎 Nurture Your Baby's Brain with the Right Foods: Food for thought! Explore the best brain-boosting foods to incorporate into your diet during pregnancy. From omega-3-rich delights to essential nutrients, we've got you covered to enhance your baby's cognitive growth naturally.
  • 💖 Transformative Impact: Pregnancy and Birth on Your Baby and Your Life: Your journey to motherhood is life-altering, and it profoundly influences your baby's development. Learn how your choices during pregnancy and birth can shape your child's future success and happiness, ensuring a positive impact on both your lives.
  • Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to shape your baby's future and cherish beautiful memories even before they're born! 🌟

  Meet Your Coach

Dr Yogesh Joshi

Coach, Mentor, Author

BAMS; Managing Director & Founder Garbhasanskar Antenatal Services Pvt Ltd

  • Dr. Yogesh Joshi has 23 years of experience in Ayurved and Yoga field. 
  • He is doing evidence based work in Garbhasanskar from last 15 years.
  • He has prepared a syllabus for training the trainers in Garbhasanskar and have a copyright for the syllabus.
  • He has developed an unique & structured program for pregnant women for Garbhasanskar.
  • He has trained more than 4800+ national and international trainers ( Doctors)through various training program and workshops.
  • He conducted workshops & Camps on Lifestyle & Stress Management in various corporate..
  • He specialises in meditation, panchakarma treatments & ayurved dietetics.
  • He works for cancer patients and conducts specialised workshop on cancer management for Doctors.
  • He has expertise in project development of ayurved, naturopathy, Yoga & meditation center.
  • He has expertise in garbhasanskar program. Have developed a unique course module of garbhasanskar and beja sanskar and holds the copyright of same.
  • He has expertise in joint disorders, spine disorders, neurological disorders. stress & lifestyle related disorders.
  • He has expertise in gynecological disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, ayurved pediatric medicine.
  • He has signed an MOU with National institute of Ayurveda, Deemed to be university, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India, Jaipur for standardization of Garbhasanskar & Beejasanskar (Process of Ayurved Eugenics).