Welcome to Nalanda Gurukulam


Vision Statement

  • Playing a pivotal role globally in the knowledge & skills domains Innovative Education, Life & Soft Skills.
  • Quality Education in line with New Education Policy (NEP-2020) to every child to develop scientific approach in them.

Mission Statement

  • To get evolved as a premier Training and Research institution with global recognition on Innovative Education, Life & Soft Skills.
  • To develop workable & practical tools and solutions for implementing the policies and plans on education framed by the Govt through partnerships with Govts and global agencies/organizations working in these area.
  • Upgrading 0.25 Million (2.50 Lacs) schools to "Activity Based Learning & Teaching" schools as per National Education Policy (NEP)-2020 .
  • Developing 0.25 Million (2.50 Lacs) Innovative Teachers through capacity building.
  • To revolutionize Foundational Education delivery system focusing on learning outcome through development of pre-scientific temperament among children. To develop 0.25 Million (2.50 Lacs) Innovative Schools in 2.50 Lacs villages in Bharat.

Quality Policy

We are committed towards the satisfaction & success of clients in particular & humanity in general by consistently:

  • being transparent & honest to establish mutual understanding & trust,
  • ensuring timely execution/ delivery of quality services as per clients’ requirements,
  • pursuing global standards of excellence in all  endeavours,
  • remaining accountable in core and support functions through self-evaluation and continuous improvement

विद्यालयों व बच्चों की क्षमता निर्माण में हमारा पूर्व अनुभव  
Our Past Experience in Capacity Building of Schools & Children

Innovative Education
Based on "Panch-Siddhi" (5 Accomplishments) Pedagogy
Concentration, Creativity, Confidence, Contentment, Calmness